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I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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Flooring plays a very critical role in the ambience of a place, indoors as well as outdoors. Besides looking beautiful it needs to be easy to clean and long lasting. Decotiles fulfil all those needs and have been developed for the most demanding environments in offices, hotels, restaurants, homes and hospitals. Owing to their innovative design, they don’t trap dust or other matter spilled on the floor and are easy to clean resulting in a hygienic environment. They are anti fuzzing, anti-skid and the top layer is made of flame retardant yarn to provide a safe environment to customers.┬áDecotiles are designed to bear heavy foot fall and are long lasting. These can be used not only indoors but outdoors also. 10% of polyester yarn used in the textile layer at the top imparts the required resilience against weathering. Decotiles are available in Jacquard and Dobby design made in multiple colour combinations that will add elegance to the interiors of Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Homes, Stores.


Decotiles in dobby designs can be fixed in various patterns like stripes, checks, bricks or simple solid in different colors and designs.
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Decotiles in jacquard designs create a visually elegant impact by intermingling different colors and designs.
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