There Is Aztec Clothing For Women

There Is Aztec Clothing For Women


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A loincloth is made from a long strip of cloth tied at the front. People from elite classes wore clothes that were more elaborate. The head dresses of the Aztec warriors were used as helmets. They used bows, spears, and a club. The military’s costumes were based on what group they belonged to. The Aztec warrior had a hierarchy that was reflected by their costumes.

  • The green Quetzal feather was said to be more important than gold.
  • The Aztecs architecture is powered by their desire to sacrifice to their gods and religion, and these temples perfectly represent that.
  • A variety of precious stones and metals were used in the headdress.
  • Women wore long skirts that were tied at the waist.

The Aztec headdress was the exclusive privilege of the upper classes and was one of the most stylish accessories. Aztec headdresses had religious symbolism associated with them, just like every other important aspect of Aztec life. The common people and slaves wore clothing that covered little of their bodies. The loincloth was made from a long strip of cloth tied in front. The man might have fringe on the two ends if he had a higher social standing.

The status of the person who wore the tilmatli in Aztec society depended on the type of tilmatli they wore. The Aztec women styled their hair in a style called Neaxtlahualli. The hair on each side of the head was shaped like horns.

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Tinkling bells looked like flowers and were popular with the Aztecs. Merchants were in a class all their own and had a certain amount of independence that most people didn’t enjoy. The Aztecs had a unique visual style in all of their buildings and constructions.

Aztec Clothing

The breechcloth, which was called “maxtlatl,” was the most basic form of clothing that an Aztec could wear. The warm climate of the Aztecs home in the gulf of Mexico meant clothing was an option rather than a necessity for Aztec children below 3 years old. As the girls grew older their skirts became longer and the boys started wearing capes, the children’s clothing would typically be simple and white. necklaces with charms and pedants, armlets, bracelets, leg bracelets and rings were some of the materials used as jewelry. Aztec jewelry had the same religious influences as everything else. The shapes of various birds and reptiles were included in the creation of jewelry.

A Palace For Emperors

Women’s clothing became more decorated and dyed to show their status as they moved up the social scale. Lower class Aztecs wore simple clothes made from the fibers of maguey leaves. Aztecs were not allowed to wear foot wear when they stood before the emperor. The Aztecs wore a lot of clothing that helped their society. In a hot and tropical environment, sandals were preferred over closed shoes, as it gave the feet a large amount of circulation, the foot would not sweat so profusely. The Aztecs did not wear a lot of clothes because it was too hot.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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