“Envision with us a surrounding of elegance and comfort. Your interiors reflect your persona and we aim to help you express that uniqueness with our versatile range of products and designs.”


Everyone is looking for a stylish and elegant look for their interiors, whether at homes or at offices. Window coverings are a very prominent way to make that style statement. Window blinds are simple, but amazingly effective, and offer you the ultimate levels of living comfort, light control, privacy, and style for your home and business.


Flooring plays a very critical role in the ambience of a place, indoors as well as outdoors. Besides looking beautiful it needs to be easy to clean and long lasting. Decotiles fulfil all those needs and have been developed for the most demanding environments in offices, hotels, restaurants, homes and hospitals.


E-curtain is a self adhesive PDLC Film for your windows, doors, divider walls, skylights and partitions. A simple ON/OFF mode switches the smart film from being Opaque (Frosted) to transparent (Clear). It provides an incredible combination of natural light, privacy, comfort, security & energy efficiency.


Indian Decoratives is exporting authentic items of home furnishings such as bath rugs, throws, made-ups and curtain fabrics as per the need and requirements of overseas buyers.

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